The land of the Maori’s, cradled in the warmth of mother nature, welcomes your future dreams of the academic walk of life with opportunities abundant, paving your career path towards quality education. New Zealand itself is a multi-cultural nation, with a fusion of Maori (the indigenous people), Pacific Island, European and Asian people combining to make a vibrant and colourful society. It’s population just over four million people, known affectionately as ‘Kiwis’, are easy going, warm and welcoming.

Considered as nature’s playground, New Zealand is a unique educational destination for international students. New Zealand has been among the leading choice of many international students who want to groom themselves in quality education. The school of academic thoughts in New Zealand, addressed as “The new world class”, is an educational platform internationally renowned as an attractive destination for quality education that helps navigate the self-worth in opportunities that help design a successful educational career. It is worthy of an international recognition that ensures growth. The education system in New Zealand is modelled after the British system. This means it is globally recognized and acknowledged everywhere. The country has a centrally managed quality assurance system. All institutions that enrol international students must be registered and must follow stringent rules that maintain high standards of quality and care. New Zealand qualifications are not just of a high quality; they have a reputation for being practical, modern, and economical too.

New Zealand’s universities thrive on the credentials of being globally recognized with a unique blend of educational approach of quality and class. New Zealand has various types of post-secondary educational institutions, universities, colleges, private institutions and polytechnics. The international students have an opportunity to nourish their brains with programs that are highly ranked globally. Many of these universities have had the honour of being amongst the international university rankings of Times Higher Education top 500 and the Shanghai Jiao Tong top 500.

New Zealand in the south western Pacific Ocean consists of the North Island and South Island both marked with distinctive volcanoes and glaciations. The country is a popular tourist destination with landscapes varying from steaming volcanoes and geysers, rolling green hills, icy glaciers, snowy mountain ranges, famous for its distinctive character and adventure sports. Though New Zealand seems to be among the isolated locations, it is a developed nation with modern amenities that keeps them well connected with the rest of the world. The standard of living and cost of living varies according to the student’s lifestyle. Accommodations are available in private and hostels, depending on the requirement and budget. Opportunities for the part time students to work 20 hours a week and full time during vacations i.e. 40 hours, is a financial opportunity from the income perspective to support the self.

Benefits of Studying in New Zealand

  • Your classroom could consist of the beautiful scenery of New Zealand! Mountains, lakes, glaciers and natural springs could help you learn things that you will not be able to learn anywhere else.
  • You can work while studying for 20 hrs in a week and full time during holidays.
  • There is an option to apply for Post study work permit after successfully completion of your degree, which can later on help you to avail work permit or PR for New Zealand.
  • New Zealand degrees have a reputation for being practical, modern and desirable. In some niche areas such as biotechnology, forensic science, marine engineering and food science and technology New Zealand degrees are best in the world.
  • Cost of living is much lower in New Zealand as compared to many other popular international student destinations. This makes the country accessible to students having low spending power. There are innumerable word class institutions providing top rated world renowned degrees.
  • Study in a clean nation with plenty of fresh air.
  • Try new food and immerse yourself in history and new cultural exposures. You will be well looked after in this country of warm and easy going people.
  • Zealand enjoys a very low rate of crime making it easier for you to focus on your studies.
  • State of the art campuses is where you can get your lifelong learning.
  • It is a perfect combination of outdoor and urban adventure.
  • Get healthy (Super healthy!) with the great outdoors situated very close to you and enjoy the massive infrastructure made for cycling, swimming, walking, etc. ‘Temperate’ climate make this nation a very great place to stay in.
  • Home to world renowned artists, musicians and film-makers who will keep you entertained.
  • New Zealand enjoys a good population of Indians which will make you feel that you are not far from home.
  • Did you know that the Maoris (Native people of New Zealand) invented Bungee Jumping? Did you know Dir Edmund Hilary, the first man to summit Mount Everest, was a Kiwi (person from New Zealand)? Want to go on a bungee jump where you free fall for 8 seconds? Want to take a giant spinning swing off a cliff? Hang gliding peek your interest? Jet boating? White water rafting? Or just a good old fashion sky dive? This is where you need to be.